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Prompt 002: Powder
Skies in turmoil
Notes: Main prompt index can be found here.

He gripped the cliff and ground his claws in once more. Chalky flecks fell away and spattered against the ground beneath him.

And plinking against steel. “Shor’s balls!”

The voice was familiar even with the odd splutter to it. Paarthurnax stopped and lifted his head over his wing, craning to see. Below Gormlaith coughed, one mailed arm raised against the falling dust.

“Are you trying to choke me, old wyrm?” She wiped her mouth with the back of one gauntlet and glared at him, unimpressed.

Krosis. I did not see you beneath me. I am attemptingto write, but... this stone proves too soft to hold words.”

“You’re raising enough dust to choke the camp.” She looked down at her armour and glowered. “Better find somewhere else to write, else we’ll all look like your bastard hatchlings.”

Paaz,” he conceded, almost contrite. "Very well." He released the rock and beat his wings. Clouds of dust billowed up around them, and Gormlaith’s cursing dissolved into fresh coughs.
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