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Prompt 001: Defiant
Skies in turmoil
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It was the essence of a dragon. He was born to match wills with his opponents. In the clash of Thu’umme cold and searing there lay the purest truth of one’s nature, proof of his might and his mastery. He had been the greatest of Alduin’s dovahhe, lieutenant of the World-Eater, a lord even among dragons as well as mortals. From atop his strunmah he issued his Voice and defied his enemies to face him. Dared the weak to challenge him.

Little enough had truly changed.

The voice of his blood whispered that he was being foolish. The dov thought him weak. The mortals must think him weak, to bow his head and meekly – tamely! - answer the call of those who should pay him homage. Flimsy, ephemeral things, their greatest souls mere fodder for (his lord) Alduin’s hunger. Did he truly wish to serve them?

But defiance was in choice, as much as raw fury.

Upon the Throat of the World, quietly, Paarthurnax defied his very nature.

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